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Ref. 7657 G Bodenleger AD 2366 NC

Baujahr: 1990

Hersteller:  Windmöller & Hölscher

Mechanical equipment:

• rotary feeder with 8 rotating vacuum cylinders 

• vacuum pump (type Becker, 300 m³/h), built 1998

• tube aligner with electro-pneumatic monitoring of the tube alignment, with ejector unit

• cross adjustment of the drive side

• double diagonal scoring units; needle unit for under valve perforation 

• universal bottom opening stations

• bottom creasing stations for fixing the bottom width, adjustable

• CCS (convert control system) for the control of the opened bottoms, with ejector gate after the bottom turning station

• valve unit with closed glue unit (all closed glue units in the machine are for glues with a viscosity of min. 2.500 m PAS and sufficient fluidity at 1,5” pipes), for cut-off lengths 10 – 29 cm, reel width 18 – 36 cm, with

• thumbhole unit for R 15 mm,

• ejector gate,

• tube formation 

• longitudinal pasting

• unwind station for max. 1.300 mm reel diameter with hydraulic lifting of the paper roll, second unwind for reel change, automatic tension control, 

• edge guide unit BST for 1 ply

bottom gluing stations with closed glue units and glue level control

bottom closing stations (sift-proof) with additional creasing and 2 closing cages on each side

bottom turning stations

intermediate pressing section between bottom closing and turning station (instead of bottom patch units)

Z-press delivery with approx. 28 m pressing in 3 levels, with counting, separating and packetizing station (ejection left/right with roller conveyors), for 12 packets/min.

New electric with switch cabinet and Siemens S7 control

Remark: The former NC control will be replaced by manual switches with motors. 

Format parts for 1(one) sack size



Bodenbreite 7 - 16 cm
Schlauchbreite min. Bodenbreite: 42 - 118 cm / max. Bodenbreite: 62 - 138 cm
Sacklänge 31 - 116 cm
Sackbreite 28 - 55 cm (60 cm mit reduzierter Geschwindigkeit)
Bodenmittenabstand 24 - 100 cm
Bodenmittenabstand 24 - 100 cm


Maschinenausstattung unter anderm mit:- Rotationsaleger mit 8 rotierenden Vakuum-Zylindern
- Vakuumpumpe
- Schlauchausrichter mit elektro-pneumatischer Überwachung der Schlauchausrichtung
- Querverstellung der Antriebsseite
- Universal-Bodenöffnungsstation



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