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The new MATASIM fl at and side gusseted bag machine
developed by GARANT in 2018 is an extension of the successful
MATADOR series.

During development, the engineers’ main focus was on the
principle of simplicity. Paper bags can be produced quickly and
with minimum effort, and the MATASIM’s concept of very low
maintenance makes it particularly recommendable. Accessibility
to the individual machine components has also been optimized;
making the machine especially user-friendly.

Furthermore, it is characterized by simple operation, with a
light but robust design, as well as quick commissioning. This
product embodies German engineering and addresses users
looking to produce simple products on a correspondingly
low-priced machine. The MATASIM is a particularly compact
machine that can be incorporated into any production.

Optional equipment

  • Window unit
  • Flexo inline printer

Operational area / Size range Format Range Bag width 60 - 280 mm Cut-off length 130 - 560 mm Max. side gusset (open) 140 mm