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This high performance PE bag making machine sets new standards in terms of flexibility and operational efficiency.A newly developed sealing system is incorporated to ensure superb product quality when processing a broad range of film materials.Owing to its modern engineering concept, the POLYREX 85 BV provides ease of operation as well as ease of changeover. All processing stations are equipped with motorised adjustment capability. In this way, short set-up times are provided, as is safe operation of the machine 'behind closed doors'.

When it comes to the production of large size carriers, the delivery system has a decisive influence on the quality of the end product as well as on the efficiency of the production line. The wicket delivery system of the POLYREX 85 BV uses vacuum conveyors for trouble-free transfer of the bags from the cross sealing station to the windmill arms of the wicketer.


Operational area / Size range

Roll diameter max. 1300 mm
Bag height max. 700 mm
Bag width 180 - 760 mm
Number of cycles max. 300 per minute

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