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The performance capabilities of the TRIUMPH 2B encompass the whole range of SOS block bottom bags with small to medium filling volumes. Depending upon machine specification, the bags can consist of 1, 2, or 3 plies. Standard features of the machine include servo technology as well as the "mmr" system, which ensures fast and easy set-up at job changeover. When bag dimensions are changed, all of the stations of the bottom forming cylinder automatically adjust to the exact position for the new size. The use of the "mmr" system results in a notable increase of the productivity of the bag making machine when frequent size changes are required.

Optional equipment:

  • Flexo tail-end printer
  • Bottom cover patch unit, servo technology
  • Pressing belt delivery station
  • Accumulator delivery
  • Servo window die-cutter

Production facilities

Operational area / Size range

Bag width 70 - 230 mm
Bottom width 40 - 140 mm
Cut-off length 200 - 470 mm